Blue Moose Metals was founded in Missoula, MT when I began designing gaming bottle openers for myself and friends. My love for Montana and the outdoors soon translated over to my metal working designs. Once I started getting a lot of requests from friends and family, I opened up an online shop and things took off.  We started getting multiple wholesale orders from gift shops, specialty stores, and breweries across the Northwest. We also enjoy traveling to Art and Craft Shows across Montana and the Northwest to sell our product. Two years later, my wife and I run Blue Moose Metals out of our garage in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana and continue to make each bottle opener with our own hands.  

Every bottle opener I design starts with a sketch. The sketch is then turned in to a CNC file which allows a computer guided laser to cut out the designs. Once I have the pieces, I hand grind the surface to clean it up as well as add some texture. Next comes the smoothing process to take away all the sharp edges and make the pieces comfortable to hold in your hand. Once the pieces have been smoothed, my wife colors each bottle opener by hand using steel patinas.  The steel patinas can color the metal bronze, copper, or a red/blues iridescent finish. The next step is to coat the pieces in a lacquer finish so that they will maintain their color and prevent rust. The last thing added is a strong neodymium magnet to the back of each bottle opener. Each opener is then packaged on our custom designed 5x7 backing card.

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